2020 going the distance honoree terry kernThe Memorial Day Run has traditionally honored an individual affected by brain injury who exemplified the same courage and determination that Amy Thompson demonstrated after her brain injury. We are proud to uphold this tradition. 

The 2021 Going the Distance for Brain Injury Honoree is Terri Kern.

Despite receiving a life-threatening brain injury in 2008, Terri leads a very full life. She is a home maker, prayer warrior and avid volunteer and a deserving Honoree for the 2021 GTD for Brain Injury Run.

 Going The Distance: Walk for Thought Honoree

Unique for this year, the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City has selected Rachel Stotler Clasemann, a TBI survivor, as our “Walk-for-Thought” Honoree. The Walk-for-Thought is a 1.5 mile walk offered at the “Going the Distance” for Brain Injury Run/Benefit. The walk is attended by many brain injury survivors and their family members. Rachel was nominated by a friend and fellow classmate of the Occupational Therapy program at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO. Click here for Rachel’s story:

brain injury for a cure muna leeThe Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City (BIAKS-GKC) is pleased to announce that World Champion and Olympic runner, Muna Lee, will be the honorary guest of the 34th Memorial Day’s Going the Distance for Brain Injury race.

Muna Lee grew up in Kansas City and was a two-time Olympian, World Champion, and USA 100-meter champion. Lee coaches at her track club Top Tier Speed and Endurance and heads the Muna Lee Footspeed timed sprinting event to launch this summer.

“Kansas City is a special place for runners for a cause. It is a healthy and family-friendly activity,” she said. 

Past Honoree's
1993-Tricia Thompson* 
1994-Casey Powers 
1995-Josepha Mosley 
1996-Karen Dionne 
1997-Terry Cheyney 
1998-Laurie Williams 
1999 -Suzanne Dotson 
2000-Patricia Mendenhall 
2001-Pat Poull 
2002-Hubert Feuerborn 
2003-Tony Zink 
2004-Mark Dmytrk 
2005-Chad Myers 
2006-Ben Avery 
2007-Nicole Turner 
2008-Scott Ward 
2009-Chad Grotewiel 
2010-Jake Clough* 
2011-Kevin Walker 
2012 Avery Schieszer 
2013-Dustin Criscione* 
2014 Katie Zemel 
2015-David Haydon 
2016-James McGinnis 
2017-Zeke Crozier 
2018-Alanna Seymour
2019-Steve Zink